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Bettr Finance is a digital financial SaaS platform to support healthcare groups and GP practices, GP surgeries and other healthcare organisations in the best way possible with their financial processes for claims and disbursement. Our platform allows you to fully manage your claims independently. In addition, we also offer a claims processing service.


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About Bettr Finance

Bettr Finance is a SaaS platform developed to optimally support healthcare organisations with the handling and monitoring of their financial processes and claims- and payment processes. Developed together with a group of innovative customers, this platform has proven to be one of the most complete and user-friendly solutions in recent years.



Our SaaS platform provides financial solutions for the healthcare sector. Using user-friendly technology and innovative features, we support healthcare groups.

GLI claims support

Finance supports GLI claims to reduce rejections and improve the process for users so that declarations better meet insurance conditions. Users retain full control over GLI claims and payments.

Population declaration

Finance supports population declaration for healthcare groups. HA304 files or export files from the HIS can be used to perform the population declaration.


As healthcare finance experts, we accurately manage the claims process for healthcare groups through our Finance platform, including automatic verifications with insurers and other parties.


We ensure timely and accurate payouts to healthcare providers and suppliers. Our solution guarantees reliability and transparency, thereby contributing to a seamless financial process.

Continuous innovation

We continuously innovate and improve our platform in close cooperation with our valued customers. Together, we strive to ongoing development and optimization of our solutions, always open to valuable input and suggestions from our customers.

The financial specialist in healthcare

As the financial specialist within the healthcare sector, we support claim processes and facilitate declaration and payment processes. We are your ideal partner, providing flexible support for healthcare groups, GP practices, GP surgeries and other healthcare organisations. Our platform optimises healthcare processes with a focus on efficiency, cooperation and quality, to ensure a successful financial future in the healthcare sector.

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Marketing director

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Our partners

At Bettr Finance, we believe in collaboration and synergy. That’s why we work closely with renowned partners who share our mission to transform the healthcare sector. Together, we are building a better future for the healthcare industry.

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